UOB Preferred Platfinum Visa Card

UOB Preferred Platfinum Visa Card

  Get up to $250 when you apply
  Up to 30% off on sleect foreign travel
  Earn 10x UNI$ for online purchases
  Earn 10x UNI$ for contactless transactions
  Earn rebates at UOB Smart% Programme partners

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  Spend minimum $1,500 in the first 30 days to earn $150 and make a qualifying UOB One account deposit to earn another $100
  UOB Privileges Passport offers spend discounts at select partners

Balance Transfer

Introductory: 5.34% p.a for 6 months and 5.20% for 12 months
Ongoing: 28%

Cash Back

  10x UNI$ per $5 spent on online shopping and entertainment and contactless transactions
  Earn UOB SMART$ at over 300 outlets

Min Cashback Rate: 1
Max Cashback Rate: 10
Max Cashback in Month: UNI$2000


  Points are redeemable for air miles at 4 miles per $1

Online Shopping

  10x miles for onlin shopping and food delivery


  10x miles for fast food delivery order online
  Over 100 buffett specials and thousands of treats islandwide

Eligibility Criteria

Citizen/Permanent Resident

Minimum Annual Income: $30,000
Min Age: 21


Minimum Annual Income: $40,000.00
Min Age: 21