OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card

OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card

  Get $50 cash rebate upon approval
  Get $50 cash rebate upon approval. No minimum spend required Apply online by 31 July 2019.
  7% rebates at FairPrice stores and Warehouse Club
  Receive up to 18.5% at Esso and instant 18% off at Caltex
  3% rebate at FairPrice On

  • 26.76% Purchases Intro
  • $30,000 Min Income


  Application must be made on or before 31st July 2019 and approved by 31st August 2019. No minimum spend required.
  Only valid for your first OCBC deposit account and it must be opened online


  Up to 20.6% savings at Esso through 30 September 2019 (then 18.5% savings)

Online Shopping

  3% off at FairPrice On

Card Essentials
Issuer Visa
Bank OCBC Bank
Type Credit Card
Cash Back
  7% off at FairPrice Stores, Unity and Warehouse Club
  3% off at FairPrice On
  Must spend $500 monthly outside of FairPrice to earn bonus

Min Cashback Rate 1.00%
Min Qualifying Spend $500 outside FairPrice
Max Cashback Rate 7%
Waived Minimum Spend $2,500
Annual Fee (2st Year) $107.00
Late Payment Fee $100
Annual Fee (3st Year) $107.00
More Info Subject to minimum $2.50 finance charge
Annual Fee Ongoing $107.00
Interest Rates
Purchases Introductory 26.76%
Cash Advance 6% with a minimum $15.00 fee plus 28.92% p.a.
Purchases Ongoing 26.76%
Interest Free Period (days) 23
Balance Transfer
Introductory 0% for 1 year
Ongoing 28.92%
Eligibility - Citizen/PR
Minimum Annual Income $30,000
Min Age 21

Eligibility - Foreigner
Minimum Annual Income $45,000.00
Min Age 21
More Info
Provider Fee DetailsProvider Website
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