OCBC Cashflo Credit Card

OCBC Cashflo Credit Card

  Get $50 cash rebate upon approval
  Get and use your card instantly when you apply via MyInfo
  0% interest for 3 months with cash transaction between $100 and less than $1000
  0% interest for 6 months with cash transaction $1000 or more
  Up to 1% rebate on all spending

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  New OCBC credit card applications can earn $50 cash rebate. No minimum spend required
  Same day physical credit card issuance for online applications approved before 12:30pm
  0% interest monthly instalments for up to 6 months

Balance Transfer

Introductory: 0% for 1 year
Ongoing: 28.92%

Cash Back

  0.5% cash rebate with monthly bill below $1,000
  1% cash rebate with monthly bill of $1,000 and above

Min Cashback Rate: 0.50%
Max Cashback Rate: 1%
Min Qualifying Spend: $0
Max Qualifying Spend: $10,000
Max Cashback in Month: $100


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Eligibility Criteria

Citizen/Permanent Resident

Minimum Annual Income: $30,000
Min Age: 21


Minimum Annual Income: $45,000.00
Min Age: 21