DBS Live Fresh Student Card

DBS Live Fresh Student Card

  Get $10 off your foodpanda order
  No annual fees for 5 years
  0.3% back on all spend
  No annual fee for five years
  Use the same card for your bus/train rides and ATM withdrawals

  • 26.8% (Minimum charge: $2.50) Purchases Intro


  From now till 31 December 2019, get $10 off your foodpanda order when you spend a minimum of $150 anywhere within 30 days from card approval date
  Annual fee waived for 5 years and no minimum annual income requirement

No Annual Fee

  Annual fee waived for first 5 years


  Discount promo codes with select retailers


  Annual fee waived for first 5 years
  No income requirement
  $500 credit limit with no minimum spend
Card Essentials
Issuer Visa Bank DBS
Type Credit Card 
Cash Back
  0.3% back on all spend
Min Cashback Rate 0.30% Min Qualifying Spend $0
Max Cashback Rate 0.30% 
Waived Minimum Spend Waived for first 5 years Late Payment Fee $100
More Info Only assessed if outstanding balance is $50.01 or above Annual Fee Ongoing $192.60
Interest Rates
Purchases Introductory 26.8% (Minimum charge: $2.50) Cash Advance 28% p.a. Effective 1 August 2019, Cash Advance fee will be revised from 6% to 8% of the amount withdrawn, subject to a minimum charge of $15.
Purchases Ongoing 26.8% (Minimum charge: $2.50) Interest Free Period (days) 20
Balance Transfer
Introductory 0% for up to 12 months Ongoing 26.80%
Eligibility - Citizen/PR
Min Age 18
Eligibility - Foreigner
More Info
Provider Fee DetailsProvider Website Provider Terms & Conditions