Citi Clear Card

Citi Clear Card

  Welcome gift of $20 cashback
  Exclusive dining deals
  Earn 1X Point for every $1 spend
  No minimum income
  Use your points to pay for any purchase

  • 28.00% Purchases Intro


  Spend $50 in the first month
  Special discounts at select dining partners
  No minimum income required


  Up to 10% back for hotel bookings at


  Up to 14% petrol savings at Esso and Shell

Online Shopping

  10% off at Love and Bravery
  Exclusive online shopping deals
  1x points on online purchases

Overseas Spending

  1x points on overseas purchases
  Discounts in 90 other countries


  Discounts at over 1,000 dining partners


  No minimum income required
  Tertiary students can apply
  Can apply at age 18 with parent's permission

Card Essentials
Issuer Visa
Bank Citibank
Type Credit Card
Cash Back
  1x points per $1 spent

Min Cashback Rate 1%
Max Cashback Rate 1%
Annual Fee (2st Year) $29.96
Late Payment Fee $40
More Info If the Minimum Payment Due is not received on or before the Payment Due Date, a Late PaymentCharge of $40 will be levied
Annual Fee Ongoing $29.96
Interest Rates
Purchases Introductory 28.00%
Cash Advance 28% plus $15 or 6% of amount withdrawn, whichever is greater.
Purchases Ongoing 28.00%
Interest Free Period (days) 25
Balance Transfer
Introductory 20.90%
Ongoing 26.90%
Eligibility - Citizen/PR
Min Age 18

Eligibility - Foreigner
More Info
Provider Fee DetailsProvider Website
Provider Terms & ConditionsReference URL