Singtel Rewards - Our In Depth Guide

A number of mobile providers now offer rewards for using their services on a contractual basis. These rewards vary in their specifics, but usually work in a similar way: by offering cash discounts that can be used to save on everything from dining experiences to shopping, leisure, entertainment, and more. 

These discounts are offered to a user simply for being a current customer. This means you must be using a company’s services consistently – and paying for them on a weekly or monthly contract – to be eligible. 

This guide covers everything you need to know about Singtel Rewards – what it is, how it works, how to redeem rewards, and additional features to be aware of. 

What is Singtel Rewards?

Singtel Rewards is a programme offered by Singtel. Customers of Singtel who have an account for Postpaid Mobile or Broadband, or those who pay for TV services offered by Singtel or its related companies, are eligible to enjoy the benefits of the programme. Customers who have signed up to Singtel under a corporate scheme, but are registered under an individual id, are also eligible to take part in Singtel Rewards. 

How Singtel Rewards Works

As soon as a person becomes a Singtel customer, they become eligible for Singtel rewards. To view the rewards on offer, a customer can visit the Singtel Rewards website, where the current rewards are listed in a catalogue. These include discounts, monthly deals, and birthday treats. 

Each reward, known as a “treat”, has its own list of terms of conditions that you’ll need to understand before you redeem. For example, some treats require a minimum spend before offering you a certain cash discount off the purchase total. 

Aside from the treats, there’s also the option to redeem a chance to win at Singtel’s online competition, the Singtel Lucky Draw. This competition is only held from time to time, so the option won’t always be available to redeem online. You’ll also be awarded with an additional chance to win after every five years of having an active Singtel Mobile line, Home Broadband or Singtel TV service registered under your name.

How do I get Singtel Rewards?

With this reward system, customers don’t actually need to do anything to “earn” the rewards – they’re simply entitled to them providing they’re an applicable Singtel customer, and are not holding any outstanding bills with the company. 

You will only be able to access Singtel rewards if you are a long-term customer to Singtel. At the moment, Singtel requires that its rewards customers are on a Postpaid Mobile or Broadband plan, which means you’re paying for a service that you made prior agreement with Singtel to receive. You’ll usually need to stay on the plan for a fixed period of time, and payments normally come out of your account automatically. 

You will also be eligible for Singtel Rewards if you pay for TV services offered by Singtel or its related corporations. Singtel offers TV “packs”, which give you access to certain programmes and channels, and are paid for on a monthly basis. When you sign up to one of these TV packs, you will be automatically entitled to Singtel Rewards.  

How do I Redeem?

It’s possible to redeem a voucher on Singtel Rewards by visiting the website, or downloading the My Singtel app. This app is provided by Singtel as an easier way to manage your Singtel account from your phone. There are also a few special features on the app, like Step Up, which lets you sync your daily steps to earn more rewards.

To use the My Singtel app, you’ll just need to log in with your account details, as you would on the website. You can then click on the reward you wish to redeem and click “find out more”. This will take you onto a page detailing more information about the reward, including how to use the reward when booking an experience or purchasing a product. 

On this page, there is an option to find out more about the product or service in question, by clicking a button that will take you to the relevant business’ website. Once you’ve read through the terms and conditions, you can redeem the reward by clicking “redeem”. 

What Are The Offers Available?

The Singtel Rewards catalogue updates fairly frequently with new deals and offers, which relate to shopping, entertainment, travel, food, personal care, and Singtel Shop items. There are more than 50 offers available in the catalogue, some of which are exclusive to Prestige customers only (more on this later). Some of the different categories include:

  • 1-for-1 and discounts for restaurants and cafes

This is a particularly popular offer on the Rewards catalogue. The offer is almost always listed as a “birthday deal”, which means you’ll only be entitled to use it on the month of the date you registered as your birthday on your Singtel account. The deals range from 10 to 50% off meals, and 1-for-1 on lower-cost food items and meals. 

  • 1-for-1 and discounts on culinary classes

If cooking is your thing, Singtel has quite a few discounts and 1-for-1 offers on culinary classes. Some of these are birthday deals only; others can be used whenever you fancy.

  • Discounts on beauty services

Brow-shaping sessions, chemical services, spa facials, waxing, scalp repair treatment and hair and shaving treatments are all offered at discounted rates in the Singtel rewards catalogue. Treatments are offered as a lower cash value than the usually are; generally 10 to 50% off a service. Some of these deals can only be used on the customer’s birthday. 

  • Travel deals

Singtel Rewards offers an extensive range of travel deals, offering cheaper rates for hotel stays, sailing tickets, and tourist activities. Some of these deals only apply to Prestige customers – they are clearly labelled when this applies. 

  • Singtel Shop discounts

Singtel’s store offers audio, power solutions (like portable chargers and power banks), third-party phone cases and screen protectors. The company offers birthday discounts for its customers – either 10% or 15% (for Prestige customers) off its applicable products. Note that Apple products are not included in this deal. 

  • Miscellaneous 

Also offered by Singtel are miscellaneous deals, including discounts on flower delivery, photography packages, karaoke sessions, cable car tickets, and activity park tickets. 

What is Singtel Prestige?

For customers looking to get even more out of Singtel Rewards, Singtel Prestige may have some appeal. Not everyone can enrol for Prestige – in fact, customers will be automatically enrolled only if they meet certain requirements: 

  • They have had an account for any Singtel Mobile, home broadband or TV service offered by Singtel for at least a year
  • They meet the monthly Eligible Spend of at least S$250 for a period of 6 months
  • They don’t have any outstanding bills with Singtel

Prestige offers customers the opportunity to attend exclusive events, and gives them access to priority experiences and offers. When you’re enrolled to Singtel Prestige, you will receive a voucher in the mail that ranges from $100 to $550, depending on your eligible spend amount. The voucher can be used for one year after you receive it, and can be redeemed at any Singtel shop or online. 

As well as the Prestige voucher, as a Prestige customer, you will be eligible to a number of additional Singtel benefits. With your Singtel Prestige Card, you’ll receive a 15% discount in the Singtel store (some brands and accessories are not included). You’re also entitled to a 14-day equipment exchange on any product purchased at a Singtel or participating store, excluding Apple devices. 

Restrictions for Singtel Rewards and Prestige 

  • The Singtel store 10 and 15% discount isn’t applicable for the following items or brands: Apple, Beats. DJI, Fitbit, GP, Parrot, Samsung (Wearables), Sonos, SanDisk, Xiaomi, and discounted or promotional accessories.  
  • You are not eligible for Singtel Rewards or Prestige if you are a business customer with a business Registration Number; you are blacklisted according to Singtel’s records; or you are on an instalment payment arrangement with Singtel or any related corporations.
  • Singtel has the right to terminate your participation in Rewards or Prestige if you unsubscribe from Singtel’s services, terminate your registered Singtel accounts, fail to pay your outstanding Singtel bills, breach any Singtel terms and conditions, or any other conditions determined by Singtel.
  • Note that Singtel Prestige is a year-only programme. 

Singtel UOB

Customers who use Singtel’s credit card, Singtel UOB, for paying off Singtel bills have the chance to earn more rewards. Depending on the Singtel monthly bill amount, card users will be eligible for cash rebates between S$1 and S$30. 

The card gives additional benefits, like a $10.70 administrative fee waiver if you choose to recontract your mobile phone plan, free registration of mobile and broadband add-ons, a free mobile SIM card, and 12 free months of Singtel’s own MobileShare, followed by 50% off thereafter.

You can register for a Singtel UOB card online. It takes 1 to 2 minutes to complete, and you’ll receive an immediate response between 7am and 8pm. 


So there you have it – earning Singtel rewards is even simpler than you could have imagined. If you want to benefit from the most discounts, monthly deals, and birthday treats, just follow the guidelines in this article. You’ll be able to get so much more out of your Singtel Rewards now you have the extra knowledge going forward.