Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore 2020 - Details & Review

The Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore can be found in Terminal 1 at International Departures in Singapore Changi Airport. It is one of the airport’s 13 lounges, or one of the four lounges based in Terminal 1. 

If you’re stopping over at Changi Airport for several hours on end, whether you’re taking a business trip or traveling for recreational purposes, the Plaza Premium Lounge is a great way to enjoy complimentary dining, relax in comfort, top up your electronic devices, and refresh and rejuvenate before or between flights. 

Visiting Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore – General Information

You can find the Plaza Premium Lounge at level 3, Departure/Transit Lounge West, Terminal 1, in Singapore Changi Airport. 

The 7,000-square-foot space can accommodate up to 250 guests at a time, though it’s rare for it to hit capacity.

Just off from the main lounge, there are also three private resting suites, six shower rooms with amenities (one being wheelchair accessible), and two VIP rooms.

At the lounge, you can benefit from a whole host of features, including Wi-Fi, a bar, restaurant and live cooking counters, shower facilities, and charging stations. 

The lounge is open 24-hours a day. You can visit for free if you have a membership with certain programmes, or you’re a holder of one of several applicable credit cards. You will still be able to visit as a general guest, though you’ll need to pay to enter.

Lounge Access

You will be required to meet one of several terms to be eligible for access to the Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore. 

If you’re a member with DragonPass, you’ll be able to get in for free. LoungeKey members can get the same benefits by showing their HNB MasterCard World, Business or Corporate payment card upon entry. Finally, if you’re a Priority Pass member, the Plaza Premium Lounge is one of the lounges you’re entitled free access to.

It’s still possible to access the Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore without one of these memberships. If you hold an applicable credit card, you can also benefit from free access. These cards include:

  • Maybank Horizon Visa Signature

This card entitles you to one visit to the Plaza Premium Lounge (and other selected airport lounges) when you charge a minimum of $1,000 in a single transaction on a retail purchase to your card within 3 months of travel.

  Get $100 cash credit with Maybank credit cards and Creditable
  Earn up to 8X TREATS points (3.2 air miles) per $1 spent
  Complimentary airport lounge access at select lounges when you charge minimum $1,000 in a singlee transaction on a retail purchase to your card within 3 months of travel
  Qualify for the Maybank Save Up Program by owning this card and earn up to 3% p.a. interest

  • Standard Chartered Visa Infinite

The Standard Chartered Visa Infinite entitles you to 6 Priority Pass visit per year, which you can use to enter the Plaza Premium Lounge. 

  35,000 bonus miles when you apply
  Complimentary 4 hour yacht hire when you spend $75,000 in 2019
  6 complimentary Priority Pass visits per year for principal card
  Earn up to 3 miles per $1 spent
  Discount hotel and resort privileges

  • DBS Altitude Card

This card entitles you to complementary Priority Pass membership when you sign up, which you can use to gain access to the Plaza Premium Lounge. 

If space is available, you can also enter the Plaza Premium Lounge as a non-member or applicable credit card holder. Currently, it will set you back $58.20 for 5 hours inside the lounge, $105.50 for 10 hours of use, and a fixed payment of $16 to use the showers for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

  Earn 4 miles per $1 on your Singapore Airline tickets booked through DBS Travel Marketplace
  From 1 Jul to 31 Dec 2019, enjoy 1 additional mile on everything you spend, with a lower admin fee of just 2% of your retail spend
  Complimentary Priority Pass™ membership
  Up to 4x miles on travel purchases
  Exclusive flight and hotel discounts

Lounge Offerings

Th Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore offers all of the amenities you would expect from a private members’ lounge, plus a few more. There’s free WiFi (accessed with a password offered at the main desk) that’s nice and speedy, and plenty of charging ports to top up your electronic devices. The sockets are suitable for several types of plug, and there are also universal USB sockets that bypass the need for plugs altogether. 

Spread out throughout the lounge are magazines and newspapers that you can take and read at your leisure. There’s also a dedicated dining section with tables and chairs to eat at if you’d rather not do so from the lounge area. The room isn’t huge, but features one long bar table with stools, as well as twelve tables that seat two people. 

You can help yourself to the food and beverages on offer, which includes fresh juice, fruits, hot beverages, soft drinks, pre-wrapped sandwiches, and specific lunch and meal deals. These deals change on a daily basis, but you’re likely to find a traditional noodle dish alongside an all-day breakfast. Vegetarian options, usually vegetable or tofu-based, are also on offer. Additionally, there’s a small salad bar, offering a selection of fresh vegetables. 

The lounge features a small bar spaced between the dining area and the main lounge seating space. Draught beer is complimentary, but wine and spirits come at a cost. There are also a couple of jars of mixed nuts and tortilla chips for guests to help themselves to.

The shower suites are private and fairly spacious, and include a toilet, sink, shower and mirror. There are bottles of soap, shampoo and conditioner that can be used for free. A comb, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a shower cap are also provided for guests.

There are two VIP rooms in the lounge, which are secluded from the rest of the lounge, and feature several chairs, tables and lamps.

Though they are not part of the free offerings at the Plaza Premium Lounge, guests may also use the private resting suites if they want to. These are essentially very small, basic hotel rooms, and contain one or several beds and limited desk space. There are no toilets in the private resting suites, so you’d have to use the main toilets in the lounge. Guests will need to pay $75 for a single room and $180 for a family room, regardless of whether they gained free access into the lounge or not. 

General Layout / Seating Space

The lounge itself features individual low armchairs for 54 people, and separate booths with tables to the side for individuals to sit in a slightly more private environment. The area is spacious, with high ceilings and plenty of room between the chairs, which are stationed in rows of three. 

Each armchair has its own lamp, charging port and small table. Note that people sitting in the middle seat may have to share a portion of their table with a neighbour. 

Some chairs face towards the windows, and the front two rows offer the most daylight and the best view of the runway.  

Further back is the bar area, which has its own sofa-style booths for larger groups of people. These booths have their own charging units, with the space to store your device inside a little cavity in each wall. 

Separated off from the main seating area is a space reserved for the Plaza Premium Lounge’s productivity pods. These pods can be found near the showers, just past the bar. Looking at them from above, they’re positioned in a honeycomb shape, with a chair, a table and a charging port in each. 

When sitting down, the surrounding walls of each pod is high enough to block out any distractions from pods next door or people passing by. They offer a more private environment to get on with some work or enjoy a meal or a snack. 

Reviews & Experiences

Reviews of the Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore on TripAdvisor are largely positive, with an average of 4 stars out of 5 from 334 reviews. This ranks the lounge as number 144 on the list of 1,009 things to do in Singapore. 

Guests have praised the lounge for its good showers, and its comfortable and cooling atmosphere. Many guests have used the Plaza Premium Lounge on a stopover to refresh between flights, and are generally happy with the service they received. 

One guest did point out that the beverage selection is limited, although this is perhaps subjective. Another guest noted that the area seemed a little tired and dated. A representative of the lounge responded to say that staff would be “working to enhance the lounge and its facilities in the near future”. 

Multiple guests raised an issue with the food, suggesting that the selection wasn’t the most diverse. However, this was counteracted by positive reviews about the “great food”. Again, this is probably a subjective review point. 

Of all Singapore’s Terminal 1 lounges, one guest wrote that they believed the Plaza Premium Lounge to be the best. They noted that the open views of the runway and the cook-to-order food offerings were both nice touches in the lounge. 

Guests who paid to access the lounge generally agree that their experience was worth the money. Many people rated the service to be of a good quality, though some reviewers noted that staff weren’t the most efficient. In all, it was agreed that the atmosphere was “peaceful” and “civilized”.  

In Summary

The Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore is a good location to refresh and relax in between long-haul flights. You’ll get a great view of the runway, access to a selection of food and drink, and use of the showers (when booked in advance). Though the lounge may be in need of some updating, it provides a comfortable atmosphere with all the amenities you could need, including free WiFi, reading material, and plenty of places to charge your devices.