Maybank TREATS Points Rewards Singapore - The Ultimate Guide

The Maybank Treats Rewards Programme allows Maybank credit card holders to earn Treats Points to spend on shopping, air miles, entertainment, food, items for the home, and much more. This guide offers an in-depth exploration into exactly how the Maybank Rewards Programme works, including how to earn and redeem points, and the most notable items in the rewards catalogue.

What It Is / How It Works

Singaporeans who own a Maybank credit card will collect Treats Points with every purchase that they make. These points can be accumulated over time, until the cardholder has enough to “spend” on free purchases on the Maybank Rewards catalogue. 

Credit: Maybank

The more purchases a Maybank cardholder makes over a certain period of time, and the higher value these purchases are, the more quickly their points will rack up, eventually entitling them to a “free” rewards item of their choice. Each item on the Maybank Treats Points catalogue is worth a set amount of points, so cardholders will need to earn so many points to redeem an item that appeals to them. 

Maybank also offers a slightly more advanced rewards option, Rewards Infinite, which entitles eligible members to a few additional perks, such as the ability to redeem certain gifts at 50% off the usual Treats Points during their birthday month, plus Treats Points that never expire. This membership is only open to cardholders who charge S$24,000 to their Maybank Credit Card over the duration of a year. 

How to Earn Points

Anyone who owns a Maybank personal credit or debit card issued in Singapore is automatically enrolled onto the Maybank credit card programme. However, there are several cards which can’t be used to earn Treats Points unless stated on an offer or promotion at the time of applying for the card. These are:

  • The Maybank Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard
  • The Maybank Family & Friends World MasterCard
  • The Maybank Platinum Visa
  • The Maybank eVibes Card

Earning points with an eligible Maybank credit card is automatic. With every $1 spent, cardholders will be awarded 1 Treats Point – so, for example, a $50 purchase would equate to 50 Treats Points. Debit cards work a little differently, with 1 Treats Point awarded for every $5 spent – so a $50 purchase would equate to 10 Treats Points.

Note that Treats Points will expire a year on from the quarterly period in which they were earned, so, for example, if you started to earn points between January and March 2019, these would expire on 31 March 2020. For this reason, you need to make sure to use your points on a reward before this time if you don’t want to lose out. 

If you’re not sure when you started using your card, you will find the expiry date indicated in your monthly card statement, on Maybank’s website or on the Treats Points redemption portal, whichever has the latest publication date. You can’t reinstate expired points, so make sure to jot down your card’s points expiry date if necessary.  

With the Maybank Rewards Singapore being open to the majority of Maybank cardholders, if you are yet to apply for a Maybank credit card, your options are far from limited. Some of the cards you can use are:

The Maybank Visa Infinite Card

The Maybank Visa Infinite Card offers 5x Treats Points on foreign spend, and 3 Treats Points on local spend, so you can certainly get more points per $1 with this purchasing option. You’ll need a minimum income of $150,000 to apply. 

  Complimentary two-way airport limousine transfers
  5-course dinner (Discovery Menu) for 2 persons at Celebrity Chef Restaurant table65, Resorts World Sentosa
  Up to 5X TREATS Points on all spend (2 air miles)
  Complimentary two-way airport limousine transfers
  Complimentary access to airport lounge

Maybank Platinum Visa Card

The Maybank Platinum Visa Card entitles you to earn 1 Treats Point per every $1 spent, plus offers a range of cashback benefits, including $30 quarterly cash rebate on local purchases with minimum $300 on your card monthly per quarter, and $100 quarterly cash rebate on local purchases with minimum $1000 on your card monthly per quarter. 

  $100 cash credit
  Up to 3% p.a. interest with Save Up Programme
  Up to 3.33% cash rebates on local spend
  $3 off movie tickets at Shaw Theatres
  Low interest rate of 15% p.a

Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Card

The Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Card lets you earn 8x Treats Points on Singapore restaurant dining, petrol in Singapore, transport in Singapore, and hotel bookings. You can also earn 5x points on airline ticket purchases, travel packages, and foreign currency transactions, providing you spend a minimum of $300 monthly. 

  Get $100 cash credit with Maybank credit cards and Creditable
  Earn up to 8X TREATS points (3.2 air miles) per $1 spent
  Complimentary airport lounge access at select lounges when you charge minimum $1,000 in a singlee transaction on a retail purchase to your card within 3 months of travel
  Qualify for the Maybank Save Up Program by owning this card and earn up to 3% p.a. interest

Maybank World Mastercard

The Maybank World Mastercard is ideal for travellers who wish to convert their Treats Points into air miles, as with this card, 10 Treats Points have a conversion rate of 4 air miles per $1. You can also earn 10x Treats Points at all petrol stations in Singapore, and 10x Treats Points at select dining partners and retail merchants. 

  $100 cash credit
  5-course dinner (Discovery Menu) for 2 persons at Celebrity Chef Restaurant table65, Resorts World Sentosa
  10X TREATS Points at selected retail, dining establishments and all petrol stations islandwide
  19.1% savings on petrol
  Complimentary access to airport lounge

How and Where to Redeem Points

To redeem Treats Points, a Maybank credit cardholder should visit the official Maybank Rewards Singapore website (not to be confused with Malaysia or Indonesia rewards), and click “log in” at the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

After logging in with your date of birth and card number, you will be able to access your points and scroll through the Rewards Catalogue. You may also look through the catalogue before signing in if you just want to take a look at the rewards available. You just need to be logged in to redeem. 

Credit: Maybank

When you scroll through the catalogue, you will be able to see how many rewards points each item equates to. After you have decided on an item you’d like to redeem your points on, providing you have enough points, all you need to do is click on the image of the item and redeem your points here. 

You can also redeem your Treats Points on the official Maybank Singapore Rewards app (we’ve covered this in more detail below).

It can take up to 14 days for your points redemption to be processed, so if you’re planning to use your points on something more urgent (like conversion to air miles or redemption of a hotel stay), make sure you leave plenty of time between your redemption and the date you hope to make use of the reward.

You will receive a redemption letter, voucher or e-coupon (whichever is applicable) within or just after this time for use on a rewards item. 

How to Check Your Points

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If you just want to check how many points you have, you can do this in one of three ways: through logging into the website, online banking, or the Maybank Treats SG mobile app. 

To check your points on the Maybank Rewards website, just visit the website and log in, as mentioned above. Then go to your account, where your number of points will be mentioned alongside other data. 

To check your points on online banking,, then select “accounts” followed by “treats points”. 

The Maybank Treats app is the simplest way to quickly check how many points you have accumulated from your phone. You can find the app on The App Store or Google Play when you search for TREATS SG. You’ll need to log into the app using your 16-digit credit card number and your date of birth, to view or redeem your Treats Points.  

What Can You Do With Points?

There are a number of different options for using your rewards Maybank Treats Points. Though the most obvious choice might be to use them to redeem rewards, if you would rather use your points more practically (rather than, say, use them to acquire a free coffee machine), there are options for you, too. 

The Maybank Treats site is divided into a number of helpful categories to help you browse through items based on your preferences. You can choose to look at shopping and dining rewards, where you can find products and vouchers for a range of shopping experiences; retail rewards, which features a number of home retail products; travel and leisure, which offers points-to-miles conversion, entertainment and free hotel stay; and other rewards, which features fuel vouchers and cash credit. 

There is also a featured treats category, which showcases some of the best or most popular deals currently being offered by Maybank.

Rewards Catalogue: What to Know

At this time, there are four pages of rewards on the Maybank Treats website, and whether you’re just browsing or you have a specific reward in mind, it’s easy enough to navigate the catalogue. If you have a number of Treats Points that you’re looking to redeem, you can filter the website to only show you items that you can afford. You can also filter the catalogue alphabetically by item name, either ascending or descending. This is useful if you’re searching for a specific item on the website – though there’s a search bar that’s even handier if you know what you’re looking for. 

The catalogue is bursting with a variety of rewards options, some which are better than others (and, expectedly, are of a higher points value). 

For 35,000 points or below, you can enjoy cinema tickets, gift boxes and gift vouchers, such as the $50 Mapletree Voucher, which you’ll need 18,750 Points to redeem. 

Credit: Maybank

If you have between up to 400,000 Treats Points to use, your options are a lot broader. You can choose between gift vouchers, home massage items, kitchen equipment and air miles conversions. You could also opt for a one-night stay for two people at the Swissotel The Stamford, where you’ll stay in an Executive Harbour View Room and enjoy a buffet breakfast in the morning. This will set you back 219,400 Points. 

Credit: Maybank

The current maximum amount of points you can filter to on the Rewards catalogue is 1,000,000. If you have up to this amount of points, you can purchase several more items, with the most expensive at the moment being the OSIM uDiva 2 Massage Sofa, which costs 821,500 points. 

Credit: Maybank

Exchanging Treats Points for Air Miles

You can save up your Maybank Treats Points and convert them to air miles if you’re a frequent traveller. One of Maybank’s partners is Air Asia, and you can convert your Treats Points into either Asia Miles or BIG Points. Redeeming these air miles is a little different from redeeming general rewards, as you won’t be able to manually redeem on the Maybank Singapore app or website. 

You can convert 2,000 Treats Points to 1,000 Air Asia BIG Points by completing the Frequent Flyer Programme enrolment form and sending it to You can then redeem by filling out the redemption form – attached in the BIG Points “Item Details” page – and sending it to for redemption.

Credit: Maybank

There’s also the option to convert 5,000 Treats Points to 2,000 AsiaMiles. You can follow the same process as described above to enrol, using the redemption form attached in the AsiaMiles “Item Details” page to redeem. 

Air Asia isn’t the only airline to partner with Maybank – you can also redeem your Treats Points Malaysia Airlines’ Enrich Miles or Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer Miles. Again, you will need to enrol in the relevant frequent flyers’ programmes to make use of this benefit. 

Do Rewards Expire?

On the Maybank Treats Points website, you will find that rewards come and go with every new month. If you’re saving your points for a certain item, just be aware that there’s a chance it could be removed from the catalogue before you can redeem it. 

Some items will need to be collected with the e-coupon provided within 3 months of redemption. After this time, the e-coupon will expire. 

Additionally, as previously mentioned in this guide, Treats Points themselves expire a year on from you were awarded them, so it’s important to keep track of them if you’re strategically saving for a particular reward.


The Maybank Treats Points Rewards Singapore is one of the easiest rewards programmes to participate in. You can simply spend as you normally would, using an applicable Maybank card, and earn points to put towards a “free” spend in the future. The best way to make use of this programme is, of course, to spend the most on your card. If you can get into a routine of spending on one specific credit card, you will accumulate Treats Points much faster.