Guide to HSBC Rewards - Earn & Redeem Points with the Rewards Catalogue

Credit card rewards programmes are certainly worth looking into. If you are an active credit card user, you can earn points to redeem on vouchers for shopping, leisure tickets and even air miles, simply for spending as you usually would. In this guide, we’re focusing specifically on HSBC’s Rewards Catalogue – namely how it works, how to earn points, what you can do with your points, and how to redeem them. 

What is the HSBC Rewards Catalogue? 

The HSBC Rewards Catalogue entitles HSBC credit card holders to a wide range of perks based on their spending habits. If you’re eligible for HSBC Rewards, you’ll be able to save money on flights, meals out, shopping and much more. You’ll even be able to collect points to donate to your favourite charity. 

With this particular reward system, you’ll be able to earn points in a number of ways, including making purchases, spending so much within a certain period of time, and referring other people to the Catalogue. You can then redeem these points on whatever suits you best. 

How to Collect Points

To collect points with the HSBC Rewards Programme, you’ll need to use an eligible HSBC card for your spending. Eligible cards include: 

  • HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card
  • HSBC Advance Credit Card
  • HSBC Visa Infinite Credit Card
  • HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Card
  • HSBC Revolution Credit Card

Points work on a dollar-by-dollar basis, meaning for every dollar you spend, you’ll earn 1 point. If you’re using a more advanced HSBC credit card, your earn rate for points may be accelerated. For example, with the HSBC Revolution Credit Card, you’ll earn 5x Rewards points on dining, entertainment and online purchases. Check your own credit card’s conditions for the rewards points you’re entitled to per dollar. 

It’s very simple to earn points using your HSBC credit card. Simply swipe your card whenever you make a purchase, whether you’re at your local grocery store, shopping online, topping up on gas, and so on. It doesn’t matter what you’re spending your credit on – so long as you’re using an eligible card, you’ll earn points. 

You can earn regular points by swiping your credit card at the till, and you can also earn extra points by paying for goods at HSBC Extra Partner outlets. In this case, you’ll get a better value on your reward points – 150 reward points for every 100 extra points. 

How to Redeem Points

HSBC makes it simple to redeem your points over the phone or via the HSBC app for direct use online. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to do so:

  1. Visit the official HSBC website. If you’re using a VPN or you’re out of the country, make sure you’re on the right website for the Singapore Rewards Programme. 
  2. In the top left of the screen, hover over the button that says “Banking”. Then click “Rewards Redemption”.
  3.  This page will give you instructions for downloading the HSBC app or redeeming points over the phone. 
  4. The app is certainly the easier, time-saving option for points redemption. If you’re keen to give it a go, download it and log in with your personal details. You’ll then be able to manually set the value you want to redeem, and the app will work out how many points will be deducted. 
  5. If you’d rather redeem your points over the phone, dial 1800 HSBC NOW (4722 669). This line is operated 24 hours a day – you’ll just need to tap in your 16-digit HSBC credit card number when you’re prompted to.
  6. Providing you have a phone banking pin, you’ll also need to key this in. Then select the “Card Services” option, choose the credit card you want to redeem, and select "Card Fees, Rewards and Benefits". You then need to tap in how much you want to redeem and click to confirm. 

Once you’ve redeemed points for a voucher, you’ll need to wait for the voucher to arrive by post within 7 working days. The voucher will be delivered to the address associated with your HSBC credit card. 

When the card arrives, you will need to fill out the first and last four digits of your credit card number for validity, then add your signature. When you plan to use your voucher to make a purchase, simply bring it with you to the applicable store before you make a payment. Some vouchers may also be used online.  

HSBC Reward Types

There’s plenty to spend your points on at the HSBC Rewards Catalogue. The best way to get a taste of everything that’s on offer is to visit the official HSBC Singapore website and navigate through the different categories of rewards. If you’re looking for an overview of the things you can use your points on, we’ve covered it below. 

  • Little Treats

HSBC’s “Little treats” refers to vouchers for those everyday purchases. Some examples of the items in this section of the Catalogue include vouchers for car washes, fuel stations, Starbucks, and toy stores. You’ll need between 1,600 and 3,600 points to redeem any of these vouchers, depending on the voucher you go for. 

  • Wine and Dine

The “Wine and Dine” section is dedicated to vouchers that can be spent on food and drink. Some of the vouchers on offer entitle you to a discount on your favourite bottle of wine, restaurant discounts, and a free bottle of whiskey. You’ll need to have collected a significantly larger amount of points for these options – between 8,000 and 18,900. 

  • Shopping

HSBC’S “Shopping” portion of the Catalogue offers an impressive collection of redeemable rewards. You can get vouchers for using to purchase health supplements, books, clothing, groceries, beauty products, jewellery, watches and home improvement materials. You need as little as 4,500 points to benefit from the shopping rewards, though some vouchers require up to 20,000. 

  • Home

There are only a few voucher options on HSBC’s “Home” section, including one for the Pet Lovers Centre, one for a number of home improvement outlets, and one for a 4pc cookware set. The number of points you’ll need in the “Home” section begins at 5,500. If you have the HSBC Premier Mastercard, you’ll benefit from being able to obtain the cookware set with 35,100 points, while all other credit card holders will need 39,000. 

  • Travel and Leisure

The “Travel and Leisure” Rewards option with HSBC is one of the better ways to spend your points. Of course, you’ll need to accumulate the points to be able to enjoy the deals and vouchers on offer, but they’re worth saving up for. Vouchers include a movie pass, money off vacations with the likes of Royal Caribbean, and air miles (more on this later). Required points start at 3,400 for the lower value vouchers and move up to 25,000. 

  • Prestige Selections

For miscellaneous products and services, HSBC’s “Prestige Selections” section of the Catalogue has plenty of choice. These vouchers and offers are for the serious point savers. For 40,500 points, you’re entitled to a free Fitbit, worth $238. You can use 63,000 points on a Boxy watch worth $400. If you have the patience to save 280,000 points, you’re entitled to a JURA ENA coffee machine. 

  • Charity

HSBC also gives you the option to use your points to make charitable donations. Some of the banks partner charities include Community Chest, Garden City Fund, Singapore Children's Society Donation, and the ST School Pocket Money Fund Donation. You’ll need 2,500 points to make a $10 donation to each of these charities. 

  • Fees

If your HSBC credit card charges an annual fee, you can waive this fee with your Rewards points. The amount of points you’ll need depends on the card you own. If you have the HSBC Classic Credit Card, you’ll need 8,000 points to waive the fee. With the HSBC Gold Credit Card, you’ll need 27,000 points. The HSBC Revolution Credit Card requires 33,000 points, and the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card requires 40,000. 
For your redemption to be valid, you’ll need to pay the annual fee on your credit card at least a month before the annual fee is billed or during the actual month of billing. 

Air Miles Rewards

One of the most beneficial uses of HSBC Rewards points is on travel and air miles. When you save up enough Rewards points, you’ll essentially be able to fly around the world for next to nothing with HSBC’s partner flight companies: Asia Miles, KrisFlyer, and Singapore Airlines Group. 

HSBC’s credit card air miles work by giving you miles when you spend money on your card. The more money you spend, the more air miles you’ll accumulate. Keep in mind that points and miles aren’t equal – for example, 25,000 credit card points are equivalent to 10,000 miles with KrisFlyer. This is how it works with all partner flight companies – 25,000 points per block of 10,000 air miles. 

You’ll need to sign up to HSBC’s Mileage Programme to benefit from air miles. The annual enrolment fee is $40, which you can waive with 9,000 credit card points. 
There are several terms and conditions of HSBC’s Air Miles scheme that are worth knowing about. For starters, you’ll need to be a member of at least one of the participating airlines' frequent flyer or travel reward programmes before you actually enrol in HSBC's Mileage Programme. It’s fairly quick and easy to become a member – you’ll just need to visit your preferred flight company’s official website and make a note of your membership number. 

Additional Notable Items

If you don’t have quite enough points to use on your preferred voucher or item, HSBC lets you redeem Rewards by topping up with additional Rewards points at S$8 per block of 1,000 rewards points. This cash amount will be charged directly to your credit card. You should call HSBC’s over-the-phone redeem number to redeem. 

Note that this isn’t applicable to air miles, and your redemption for a Rewards points top-up needs to be carried out alongside a redemption of another Rewards item.
Additionally, if you want to cancel a voucher or exchange it for another, this isn’t currently possible with the HSBC Rewards scheme. If your voucher is lost, stolen or defaced in any way, HSBC also won’t offer you a replacement or a points refund. You can give the voucher to somebody else, but you’ll still need to fill out your own card details and add your own signature to the voucher before use. 

If you have a supplementary credit card that’s used by, say, your partner or your child, the HSBC Rewards points they earn will merged with the points on your original credit card. You will then need to authorise the owner of your supplementary credit card if they wish to use their Rewards points on a voucher, using their own credit card details and signature. 

Pay With Points

Alongside its Rewards Catalogue, HSBC also has a Pay With Points scheme, which lets you pay off any outstanding credit bills with the points you’ve accumulated on your card. Providing you have a valid HSBC Visa and Mastercard credit card, you’ll be able to benefit from this scheme. Note that HSBC Advance credit cards and HSBC US dollar credit cards issued by HSBC are exempt.

Pay With Points enables you to use your points to offset outstanding payments, and put your points towards future payments using a relevant card. These points become Statement Credits (these can’t be swapped out for cash). You need at least $10 worth of Statement Credits to use them to offset past or future payments. It can take 1 to 2 working days for the redemption of Statement Credits to go through on HSBC’s system, so keep this in mind and plan ahead when necessary. 

You need to be enrolled with HSBC’s Singapore Mobile App (available on Android and iOS) to be able to use the Pay With Points scheme. You can download the app for free and sign in using your banking details. The app is HSBC official, and your details are kept safe on the platform. Once you’ve made a redemption and HSBC has accepted it, you can’t then reverse that redemption or ask for a refund. 

Do Rewards Expire?

HSBC’s Reward points are eligible for 37 months, a period which begins the month after you earn your first points. The table below should give a better idea of the validity of points:

Points Earned Between Expiry Date
1 - 30 September 2019 31 October 2022
1 - 31 October 2019 30 November 2022
1 – 30 November 2019 31 December 2022

You have plenty of time to make the most out of your points, but if you’re trying to accumulate points, keep in mind that you won’t be able to build them up over a period of more than 37 months, as your original points will begin to expire. 

Terms and Conditions

HSBC’s Rewards Catalogue comes with its own terms and conditions that are worth reading up on before getting started. The full list of terms and conditions can be found here. Some of the notable terms and conditions to be aware of include the following:

Under Eligibility:

  • To benefit from HSBC Rewards, you must be a HSBC Visa and Mastercard credit card holder.
  • The Rewards scheme excludes HSBC Advance credit cards.
  • If your card is blocked, delinquent or fraud, it isn’t eligible for participation in the scheme. 
  • HSBC has the sole discretion to determine whether your card is eligible for participation in the scheme.

Under Points:

  • You need to hold a Singapore Dollar denominated card to earn points for use on HSBC’s Reward Catalogue. 
  • You’ll earn 1 point per $1 transaction locally or overseas. 
  • If you hold a US Dollar card, you’ll earn 1 point for every $0.70 transaction (in USD).
  • Specific cards will allow you to earn an accelerated rate of points. 

Under Points Redemption:

  • Your redemption will be cancelled automatically if you attempt to redeem a voucher with sufficient points. 
  • Once HSBC has accepted your redemption, you can’t go back and change or cancel it. 
  • Vouchers are valid three months from the date of issue. 
  • You can’t use a voucher alongside another discount or in-store offer. 
  • If a charge exceeds the voucher’s value, you’ll need to pay the rest of this cost on your valid HSBC credit card. 

Under Mileage Programme:

  • You have to be eligible for HSBC’s Rewards Programme to also be eligible for their Mileage Programme. 
  • You must be enrolled in one of the participating airlines’ frequent flyer programmes to benefit from air miles. 
  • You’ll need to pay an annual fee of $40 after enrolling in HSBC’s Mileage Programme. If you make a cancellation, it needs to be done one month before the annual fee is due to come out of your account. 
  • You can only transfer points from your account in blocks of 10,000. 
  • It can take up to three weeks to process the transfer of points to your frequent flyer’s account.