Decathlon Singapore - Our 12 Best Value Products to Buy in 2020

Sports and leisure activities are great ways to stay fit and explore the world around us. But many people do not pursue these activities because of the expensive gear and equipment they have to buy. 

Since Decathlon arrived on our shores in 2016, this dilemma (or rather excuses not to exercise) is gone. Without spending too much on clothing and equipment, you can now start a new exercise regime without bankrupting yourself.

Decathlon Singapore is known for offering high-quality gear and equipment for a bargain price that you can’t find it anywhere else. 

If you plan to check out Decathlon Singapore, here are the 12 best value items we recommend you to buy in the store. 

1. Sports Bag


In every sport or leisure activity you plan to do, you need a bag where you can put your equipment and clothing. This $7 Team Sports Bag Kipocket in Blue or Yellow can fit your gear and other items by up to 20 litres. It has two major compartments where you can put sports equipment and your clothes while the other one works for other items. 

The fabric it uses is lab-tested which guarantees that it is very durable. When you are not using it, you can fold it away into the side pocket and store it wherever you want. 

2. Hiking Backpack


For hikers, you must have a backpack with you to bring your drinks, jacket and other items you may need during your climb. 

With this Khaki NH100 Country Walking Backpack, you can store items as much as 10 L and it is waterproof. It has an abrasion-resistant fabric which ensures it will not rip when you get through branches and cliffs. 

It even comes with a 10-year warranty. Inside the bag, you get an inside pocket with zippers and fit anything you want in it. At $4, you seriously can’t find anything better.

3. Inline Skates


Want to teach your children how to skate without rushing them to do so? 

Every one of Decathlon Singapore outlets has a lot of inline skate options for your children to try. This stylish blue-red Play 3 Children's Inline Skates can be adjusted into three different sizes, which is perfect if you want it to grow alongside your child’s skills. 

It has a very great fit, which is supported by the Hard Boot body and secured by 2 adjustable buckles. It is machine washable and your child won’t skid on these thanks to its rubber wheels.

Best value of all? It is only $10 so you won’t feel the pinch when your kid decided a month later that he is too cool for skates.  

4. Bicycle


Bicycles can be very expensive, especially if you want something specialized for biking in difficult terrain. 

Rockrider Sport Trail 100 valued at $330 from Decathlon Singapore ensures that users enjoy a comfortable ride without compromising its ride. This bike utilizes CGF framing for added balance and has a hammock saddle for seats. 

The bicycle also has side lugs for better control and V-breaks which responds immediately when you use it. 

5. Jogging Shoes


Need a good pair of jogging shoes for your workouts? 

Big brands cost so much more than Decathlon Singapore’s Cushion Women's Jogging Shoes at only $25. It offers great support for users who need lightweight but comfortable jogging shoes for training or workouts. Its foam sole reduces the shockwaves your feet feels at every stride, helping it recover the energy you need to continue. 

It also has perfect traction thanks to its anti-slip front and rubber outsoles. 

6. Hiking Shoes


When it comes to hiking, you need hiking shoes that will not only protect your feet, but it must also provide you with enough grip and traction as you hike your chosen track. 

Men’s Waterproof High Top Country Walking Shoes we selected are waterproof and work in either lowland or forest trails. To keep you rooted in the trail, it has a sole composition grip and 4mm spikes for better traction. 

Inside, the feet are cradled by an EVA foam layer which is also breathable so your feet stay dry even if you submerge the shoes underwater. It comes with a synthetic toe bumper to protect your feet from stones. All these features for $50.

7. Sleeping Bag


Going out for camping or spending the night outdoors? 

Sleeping bags are a must, especially those which can give you a good night’s sleep while under it. Arpenaz 20° sleeping bag can keep you comfortable even if you are in temperatures reaching around 20-degrees Celsius. It is very lightweight and comes with its very own carry bag. 

When you need to clean it, you simply wash it using your washing machine and dry it according to instructions. 

With a price tag of $15, it even comes with a 5-year warranty! 

8. Tent


Of course, if you get a sleeping bag, you need a tent to protect you from the elements. 

Decathlon Singapore’s Mh100 Camping Tent at $33 works for 2 people and is perfect for any kind of weather since it has heat reduction features. 

It has a self-standing dome that keeps the tent stable especially during heavy winds up to 40 km/h. Most importantly, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, which is perfect if you are not used to pitching up your own tent. 

9. Swimwear


In Singapore, it is often very hot and the pool is a great way to chill. Of course, before you go to the pool, you need to wear the right swimwear for the job. 

Decathlon Singapore outlets carries a wide range of affordable swimwear including this $4.50 Grey Men's Boxer Swimming Shorts. Perfect for male users who are looking for a casual yet durable swimwear. 

It has 100 hours chlorine resistance, which ensures it won’t fade away easily as you use it. It clings to the skin easily and you can adjust it around the waist with the help of the drawcord. 

10. Yoga Mat


Yoga mats are also sold at Decathlon Singapore outlets for anyone practicing the art. For this specific yoga mat, Gentle Yoga Mat 8 Mm in Burgundy is very soft and will work well for anyone who need extra traction for their routines. Great for beginners who are looking for a budget yoga mat that only cost $20!

The mat is very comfortable to use and can be used by either short or tall users. The cushions are very thick but ensure that it provides relaxation as you get through movements. It also has a great grip so the mat won’t move as you do your poses. 

Once you are done, you can strap the yoga mat easily for better storage and travel. 

11. Scooter


For your kids who want to be on the go but not use a bicycle in the process, you should try out the scooters available in one of the Decathlon Singapore outlets. 

Freestyle Scooter Mf One comes with ABEC 5 bearings that allow the scooter to glide in any surface imaginable. Riders will be guaranteed that it will not break easily since it uses Steel T-bar handles and an aluminum deck that can handle any weight. 
This is also very easy to maintain and you can upgrade it using the after-market parts available in the shop. Great value for $70!

12. Winter jacket


Winter wear in Singapore are often expensive and mostly for one time use during your vacation.  

The winter jackets sold in the Decathlon Singapore come with great insulation qualities that will definitely prepare you through the elements. Some of them are even designed to keep you warm even if you are snowboarding or skiing. 

Comfortable Men's Downhill Ski Jacket is valued at $35 and provide the essential protection you need against the cold winter elements. 

Where are Decathlon Singapore Stores located?

Decathlon Singapore currently has 11 outlets across the country. Four of them are Experience Stores where you can test all sorts of equipment, shop for the things you need, and experience what new products they have for various sports and leisure activities.

They also feature new technologies that are currently used to improve sports and equipment so customers know how their products work. 

Here are their addresses:

Decathlon Singapore Lab

Address: 230 Stadium Boulevard Singapore 397799

Decathlon Joo Koon

Address: 1 Joo Koon Circle, #02-21 Singapore 629117

Decathlon Bedok

Address: 750A Chai Chee Road, #01-01 Singapore 469001

Decathlon City Square

Address: 180 Kitchener Road, #02-03 City Square Mall Singapore 208539

Meanwhile, the other stores are Click and Collect branches where you can collect the items you purchased on their website. 

Click and Collect branch addresses: 

Decathlon Chinatown

Address: 133 New Bridge Road Chinatown Point, #B1-27 Singapore 059413 Chinatown MRT (Exit H)

Decathlon Holland Village

Address: 249 Holland Ave Singapore 278980 Holland Village MRT (Exit B)

Decathlon Novena

Address: 238 Thomson Road Velocity@Novena #01-66/67 Singapore 307683 Novena MRT (Exit B)

Decathlon Orchard Connect

Address: 176 Orchard Road The Centrepoint #01-19/20 Singapore 238843 Somerset MRT
Note: Collection Point Only, No Physical Sales

Decathlon Punggol

Address: 83 Punggol Central Waterway Point #01-11 Singapore 828761 Punggol MRT

Decathlon Sembawang

Address: 30 Sembawang Drive Sun Plaza Mall #01-13 Singapore 757713 Sembawang MRT

Decathlon Tampines

Address: 4 Tampines Central 5 Tampines Mall #01-33A Singapore 529510 Tampines MRT

With the help of Decathlon Singapore, you will definitely be able to enjoy your favorite activities with the gear you purchase from them. Their team is always ready to help out in case you need assistance in picking the right gear and you won’t even have to worry about their prices.