Citi PayAll: Our Guide - What Is It & How Does It Work?

In the past, there was a whole realm of payments like tax, rent, education, power bills and condo bills that weren’t eligible to be paid by credit cards, meaning you missed out on the opportunity to collect a trove of points.

Citi PayAll, and several other solutions like Card Up have recognised this gap and the additional value they could provide to cardholders by allowing them to do so much more with their credit cards. 
In late 2018, Citibank became the first bank across Asia Pacific to offer credit card payment scheduling for services that could only have been done previously with direct transfers or direct debit payments.

What is Citi PayAll?

Citibank PayAll is a service that lets Citi cardholders make recurring payments using their credit cards.  Citi credit cardholders can now benefit from the extra points from paying for these things with credit. 

Credit: Citi Bank

The PayAll service links up to Citibank’s credit card rewards programmes, which means that cardholders can earn rewards and miles on their spend in the same way that they would when making any other purchase on their card. The beauty of this is that they wouldn’t usually be able to earn these rewards, but they now have the opportunity to, thanks to their increased credit spending opportunities.

Citi PayAll was launched initially in Singapore in November 2018, and was then launched to other markets, including Thailand, Hong Kong, and the UAE in 2019. At first, cardholders could use the service for making education and rent payments – two payment options that are typically debit-only – and the option to set up recurring payments is particularly convenient. Additional spend categories, like electricity bills and taxes, are also now available.

Using Citi PayAll

Citi PayAll is fairly self-explanatory to use and easy to get the hang of. Once a Citibank credit cardholder has enrolled to the service, they can set up payment details for any recipients they wish to automatically pay on a one-off or recurring basis. 

The cardholder can then choose which of their Citi credit cards (if they own multiple) they would like to use to make their payments with for each recipient. Citibank also sends cardholders a handy reminder message before each payment is due, letting them know that the money will be taken from their card on the pre-arranged date.  

Citi PayAll Vs SC EasyBill & CardUp

It’s helpful to compare Citi PayAll to the main contesting services offered by Citibank’s competitors: SC EasyBill and CardUp. Of course, with these contesting services being heavily based on Citibank’s PayAll, much of the offerings are the same. There are a few key similarities and differences to be aware of if you’re trying to decide between the three:

Insurance Premiums

Citi PayAll does not allow payment for insurance premiums, while SC EasyBill and CardUp do.

Electricity Bill Payments

SC EasyBill currently doesn’t allow for electricity bill payments. Originally, neither did Citi PayAll, but this is one of the newer features that the service has rolled out. CardUp also offers this feature as part of its service.

Condo Management Fees

Citi PayAll and CardUp allow for condo management fees, while SC EasyBill currently doesn’t support them. 

Recurring Payments

Citi PayAll and CardUp allow you to set up recurring payments, while SC EasyBill users still have to set up each individual payment in advance. 


Both Citi PayAll and SC EasyBill currently charge 2% fees for their service. CardUp charges a 2.6% fee for every transaction. 

The table below compares some of the main offerings of the four services:

  Rent Tax Edu Insurance Condo Electricity
PayAll Yes Yes Yes - Yes Yes
EasyBill Yes Yes Yes Yes - -
CardUp Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


CardUp is the statistical winner from the table’s evidence, but technically, there is no real disadvantage to any of these services. It is also worth remembering that CardUp offers a slightly higher transaction fee than Citi PayAll and SC EasyBill. 


Earn Rate: Points and Miles

Citi PayAll’s main selling point is that it offers one of the most inexpensive ways to collect air miles in Singapore. You have the chance to earn thousands of miles much more quickly easily than before, by using your credit card to pay for essentials like bills and rent. 

Many people pay use credit cards solely to accumulate miles, and Citibank PayAll helps card holders to save up for free travel faster. Citi offers an example of how your Citi PayAll payments can translate into miles over time: cardholders who pay $6,000 a month through Citi PayAll will earn 86,400 miles after a year – that’s equivalent to a business class return ticket for a flight from Singapore to Paris.  

Credit: Citi Bank

When it comes to earning Citi Rewards points, the exact number of points per transaction varies depending on the card you use for payment. Some cards are more generous with the amount of points you can earn per $1 spent. There are no new rules for earning points on Citi PayAll – you’ll just earn as per your own credit card’s terms. You could earn more or less miles per $1000 transaction based on your card’s points per offer, which you would be able to exchange into miles. 

There are 12 frequent flyer programmes that you can currently transfer your Citi Rewards points into miles for. These include Etihad Guest, Qatar Privilege Club, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Asia Miles, and British Airways Executive Club. As Citi PayAll makes it much easier to accumulate miles for less, you will appreciate being able to able to make the most out of the extra miles you earned without actually spending more.

The Citibank website has a handy calculator if you want to work out exactly how many miles you can earn with your Citi PayAll payments in advance. You enter in your monthly payment, and the calculator figures out your miles earned in a year based on your total spend per month. You can them compare this with some of the examples Citibank offers, including Economy Class to the USA, Business Class to New Zealand, and Economy Class to the Maldives. 

Credit: Citi Bank

Citibank Cards That Can be Used for Citi PayAll

Not all Citi credit cards can be used for Citi PayAll, but the majority can. These include:

Citi Rewards Card

  Welcome gift of 30,000 Citi ThankYou Points as you spend
  Up to 10x rewards points per $1 spent
  10x rewards for online and retail spending
  Redeem your points for absolutely anything through Citi ThankYou Rewards
  Get deals and discounts locally & in 95 other countries
The Citi Rewards Card offers perks such as up to 10x rewards on online spend, 10x rewards for online grocery orders and online food delivery, and 10x rewards on rides with the likes of Grab, ComfortDelGoro, and Gojek. 

Citi PremierMiles Card

  Welcome gift of 37,300 Citi Miles
  Welcome gift of 10,000 Citi Miles
  Earn 2 Citi Miles on foreign currency spend
  Earn 1.2 Citi Miles on local spend
  Earn up to 10 Citi Miles per $1 spent on online travel bookings
The Citi PremierMiles Card enables cardholders to earn 2 Citi Miles on foreign currency spend and 1.2 Citi Miles on local spend. Cardholders are also entitled to 1.2 Citi Miles for local online purchases. 

Citi Prestige Card 

  Welcome gift of 62,500 Citi ThankYou Points
  or Gadget Welcome Gift
  5 ThankYou points on foreign spend and 3.25 ThankYou points on everything else
  Complimentary night stay when you book a minimum consecutive four-night stay at any hotel or resort
  Unlimited complimentary access to Priority Pass airport lounges, eight complimentary one-way airport limousine transfers
The Citi Prestige Credit Card offers 5x ThankYou points, equal to 2 miles, per $1 spent overseas, and 3.25 ThankYou points, equivalent to 1.3 miles, per $1 on all local spend, plus unlimited complimentary access to hundreds of Priority Pass airport lounges and eight complimentary one-way airport limousine transfers.

Terms and Conditions / Restrictions / Merchant Restrictions

While many of City PayAll’s terms and conditions probably won’t affect you, it’s worth being aware of the ones that will. 

The main terms and conditions to take note of are:

  • You can only use a Citi Rewards Card, Citi Lazada Card, Citi PremierMiles Card, Citi Prestige Card and Citi ULTIMA Card (with invitation by Citi) for transactions on Citi PayAll. 
  • You will not be able to transact an amount that exceeds 95% of your credit limit. 
  • There are two specific monthly payment maximum limits: $30,000 for rent and education, and $30,000 for electricity and condominium management. 
  • If you choose to enrol via SMS or email invitation, the offer is valid for 30 days from the date you receive the SMS or email. 
  • If you make an accidental payment to the wrong recipient, Citibank won’t refund you the transaction. You will need to communicate with the recipient to have your payment refunded back to you. 
  • Though the general transaction fee is estimated at 2%, it may be slightly higher or lower depending on payment specifics. You will be notified of your fee before making a payment with the service. 
  • If you wish to cancel a transaction, make sure to do so 7 days before the next payment is due to prevent it from being charged to your card. 

Who Citi PayAll is Available For & How to Sign Up

Citi PayAll is available to all applicable Citibank cardholders. You also need to be able to download the Citi PayAll Singapore app on your phone (it’s available on the App Store and Google Play).

Credit: Google Play

There is no sign-up process to use Citi PayAll; you just need to download the app. You can do this on Citibank Singapore’s website, where you can follow a direct link or scan the QR code with your phone to be taken to the app on your App or Play Store. You can also SMS CITIAPP to 72484, from which you will receive a response containing the link directing you to the app. 

Credit: Citi Bank

Providing you are a Citi cardholder, all you will need to do is log into the app using your personal details. You may need to set up additional security before using the app, which you should make a note of for future use. 

To use Citi PayAll, you just log into the Citi Mobile Singapore app, then tap the “Payments” option, then select “Citi PayAll”. To set up a new payment, click “New Payment”, enter your recipient’s details, then enter your amount and select your card. Once you have reviewed the details, you can simply click “Confirm” to set everything up. 


If you own a Citi credit card, you shouldn’t hesitate to sign up to Citi PayAll. There are some monthly payments, like bills, rent and education, that most of us can’t avoid – so it makes sense to pay them through the PayAll service and at least earn points and miles from doing so. What’s for sure, there’s certainly going to be an increase in services like PayAll in the future, but for now, it remains one of the most advantageous for credit cardholders in Singapore.